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Standby service facility management/ building engineering

The standby service is available in case of malfunction or failure of technical systems such as electrical systems (power failure), access, ventilation or heating systems. In case of imminent danger such as broken door hinges, burst water pipes or defective windows or panes, the standy service can be called.

+43 5572 792 2144


A5 Support

The contact details to your administration you will find it here. Select your field of study and your degree programme.


IT Support

The Information Services Helpdesk of the FH Vorarlberg is available for users of the computer rooms in the locations Hochschulstraße as well as Achstraße.

+43 5572 792 2222


Here you will find the most important emergency numbers and instructions for what to do in an emergency.
Sicherheitskonzept /-anweisungen der FH Vorarlberg